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20 Mar 2016
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Hardware accelerated using CSS3 for supported iOS
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20 Mar 2016
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Hardware accelerated using CSS3 for supported iOS
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20 Mar 2016
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Hardware accelerated using CSS3 for supported iOS
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20 Mar 2016

Friday, February 28, 2020



Our lives are meant for something. We have our purpose and that is why we are here. But what if one day we never woke up from our sleep?

This is just one of those vague questions that makes me feel uncertain. Asking myself, what if I never enjoyed life? What if I never meant for something but I was not able to achieve it?.

As I am afloat finding answers to my question, I was unconsciously listening to some motivational dialogues when suddenly a question popped out questioning myself, "What are you doing now? Are you going on the right path to where you wanted to be? What have you achieved right now?" and at that moment I was left in silence. It made me realize that I had a dream and I just wasted decades wasting my life of not chasing my dreams.


Choosing between passion or career is a difficult question especially we don’t have all the same economic status. Some may be on top of others while others may be below.

We all want the same thing and that is to do the things that we love. We don’t want things that make us feel depressed.

Then again, it doesn’t go to all of us. Some of us have some priorities in life; taking care of the financial income of the family, being the breadwinner and more.

Frankly speaking, most of us prefer a career for personal reasons regardless of how difficult it may be to work with a job that you do not like.

83% of US workers are stress with their job. ~ tinypulse

That’s a huge number compared to people who enjoy their job.

Ideally, everyone wants to pursue their passion. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have your own company or become a freelancer but to have a job that you truly enjoy.


Talking and listening to other people’s stories is my favorite pastime. Especially to stories related to personal experience, horrifying experiences and aspiring dreams.

When I’m with my friends especially those who are younger than me and they started talking about their own goal in life, I always try to listen. I always said to myself, “This seems interesting”, and I would just sit and listen.

There was one time that my friend opened up that he needs extra income to support his family. On that day we had a little conversation and we talked for hours coming up with an idea and then finally something came up. “Why not try opening a mini grocery in your place? And while you work at the office you let your wife take care of it.” We both think that it was a wonderful idea and I even added that if he needs a capital I could lend him a bit of money to start his venture.

After a few days, we met again. Have a little talk about our previous discussion and he opened up that his wife would not agree to that idea because of so many reasons. To avoid confrontation with her wife he set aside the idea and goes back to where he started.

Fear is the reason why borders exist. Fear hinders us to see the future. We are human and we are limitless.

Just look at the kids, because they don’t know the meaning of losing they always achieve what they want. Their imagination is their guide and eagerness to achieve it is what drives them to achieve it.

We don’t want to be in the same situation over and over again without knowing what may be the outcome of our desires. We always want to change and make progress in our life.


There is no definite answer to such questions it's like counting the stars in the night without blinking your eyes. There are many possible answers but it is unsure of those is the best answer.

So what is the best solution?

The only solution for a doubtful answer is to sit and not take action. Sometimes the only course of action to solve a particular problem is not doing anything. Let your mind wander and it will find its own solution.

Do not overthink! Because it would only lead to self-doubt.

Never procrastinate! Because your brain may trash your idea.

Once your brain gives you a good idea, immediately take action. You are only given 5 seconds to react else your brain would flush it out. Time is everything.


My point is, do not waste your time. Your time is your life.

Make it worth it! Make it meaningful!

Do not waste it on things that make you useless.

If you sleep for more than 8 hours, Make it at most 8!

If you watch TV for more than 4 hours, read a book instead.

If you spend more than an hour on social media, put down your phone and go out with your friends and be socialized.

You are blessed with life to breathe, make it worth it.

Sunday, January 12, 2020



Before we dive into the discussion. Let us first define what it means by "Value".

According to Wikipedia,
     "denotes the degree of importance of something or action, with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or what way is best to live (normative ethics), or to describe the significance of different actions."

According to Merriam-Webster
     "relative worth, utility, or importance"


An old man wants to put a portrait of his family on the wall. Immediately he got a nail but could not find his hammer. He searched for his hammer in the storage but could only see that he could use was his joiner’s mallet, bumping hammer, nail gun. So disappointed but wants to put a nail on a wall he used a joiner's mallet but the mallet broke. He then used the bumping hammer, he was able to push the nail but later the nail bent. The old man was frustrated because of the nail that bent that he decided to postpone his project. The following day, he accidentally found his hammer and pulled out the nail. He immediately replaced the nail with a new one and finally, he was able to hang the frame on the wall.


Like the story. We may compare ourselves to the Hammer, others as the Old man, the nail as the circumstances and how the different hammer was used was our Values.

The Joiner's mallet. The joiner's mallet easily broke as the old man used it as a regular hammer. We sometimes enter into a situation where we are willing to help but instead we make the situation worse. We have the right attitude but it was not yet necessary as of the moment.

The Bumping hammer. There are times when our friends need help and we want to offer them some help and advice to ease their burden. At first, we are confident that we could help them but as we continue to help it became harder until it fails.

The Hammer (Claw Hammer). There are cases that only you and or you are the only one willing to do the task but most likely you are one of the few that has the right quality or capability as needed as of the moment.


We, humans, are born unique. We came from different places with different cultures, characteristics, habits, and tradition and we could not deny the fact that we are incompetent in some ways but in some ways we are excellent. But we will always have something in common - it is Values.

Because we came from different cultures, we do not expect that we could get along with others. There may be chemistry in some but there will always be a conflict or misunderstanding in some cases. We are not perfect and nobody is perfect. We strive to be the best.

Values are not diminished, decrease or useless but rather it was not what is needed as of the moment. We do not all have the necessary values for every situation. We always lack something and that is where others come in to supplement that piece.


Our values will always supplement others in times of need. It does not decrease, it is just from the perspective of others that it decreases but because there are things that they need. It is natural for us humans to have a good result and to have a good result we need the right man for the job. There will be time(s) that you will be badly needed that even those who are the best would point out that you are the right man for the job.

If you think have lesser value. Think, we are human beings are one of the few creations of God who are versatile. We can adapt and change to what we want to be. It is just a matter of who we choose to become and take action.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019



"Material things don't guarantee happiness.
Infact, it is often a picture of an unsatisfied life."

What is the difference between Simplicity and Minimalism?

Often we are confused with the word Simplicity and Minimalism. We think that these words are the same but they are not.

These words may have a similar concept but in particular, they have a different approach.

When we talk about minimalism, we talk about lessening the quantity. We strip off unnecessary elements until we are only left with parts that are only needed. Minimalism usually starts externally meaning we de-clutter ourselves from material possession which later progresses towards our mentality (de-cluttering the mind.)

"Being a minimalist means you value
yourself more than material things."
~ Brian Gardner

Simplicity is cored on the internal aspect of oneself. The reduction of complexity. The mind focused on what is valuable. It is a guiding principle that helps the individual to create spaces that is self-sufficient - inspiring, supportive and healthy.

"Not what we have, but what we enjoy,
Constitutes our abundance”
~ Epicurus

Did you know?

The word Minimalism was coined by an Architect named Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


When I was young we used to live in a populated area. Kids playing all day and you will always see people walking the street.

We were considered poor but somehow above poverty since my parents can provide us with decent food.

My parents always do their best to provide us our needs even though sometimes it is not that easy.

It was not until at the age of 8 that we are forced to leave the place because the land were we are living was sold.

During those times, I thought that our lives would be ruined since we have no home to transfer to. With God pure grace we landed into a good community that is more settled to live in.

"The Lord will provide”
~ Genesis 22:14

Going back, my parents especially my father who is very good with academics once told me to study so that I could have a good grade and have a good job. My father always fuel me with ambition and desires to have a good life through academics since academics was his forte.

Years after. I have finished college, got a decent job and started earning money for my own. Yes, I was quite happy that I am now earning money for myself and not be a burden to my family. I even went to get a master's degree after a year.


It was during those days when I was taking my master's degree when we’re having a discussion about life and economy that I realized that I don't want to have a complicated lifestyle.

Honestly, I am bad at making a decision when there are many options to choose from. It could take me hours just to make a decision.

Giving a solution to my problem. I decided to slowly eliminate things that would give less value to my life or things that complicate my life. One of them was giving up my master's degree.

I know, many of you would think that I am a fool that I gave up my education. I even considered what my father would think about my selfish decision.

I know that he wanted me to have a good life and wanted to no longer experience what we experience in the past. But taking a masters degree is not the only way to elevate myself from poverty. I also want to be a successful man someday but I don't think academic is the right path for me.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all you might."
~ Ecclesiastes 9:10

Other than my education, I decided to gave up many of my apparels. I gave away some of my clothing to those in need and some are sold at a very cheap price. The same goes for my shoes and books. I also lessen my connection with the people around me. I used to have many people around me but most of them are not friends but merely acquaintances.

Other things that I decided to give up or lessen.
     1. Travelling
     2. Eating at the food chain
     3. Going to the mall without a purpose
     4. Shopping

During the process I started to see changes in my life. Here are some of the benefits I gained after sometime.

1. Increased in Savings

Before I was not able to save money. I used to buy things impulsively if not I buy it for others. I even used to hang in pub with my friends even if there's no special occasion and eat meals outside.

Now, before I buy my stuff I carefully spend a week or two thinking before I go to the store and place an order. I don't want to regret buying an item that later would be placed in a corner unused. Unless it is an emergency and badly needed.

Also, I now prefer eating meals at home unless it is necessary for me to eat outside. Not only that it is healthy and clean but it is cheaper.

2. Improved Focus

With all the unnecessary items gone. I am now able to attend to a specific matter at a time giving myself more productivity in everything that I do.

Ideas that constantly pops out of my mind lessen and replaced with ideas that contributes more to what I am aiming to finish.

3. Better health condition

Ideas. It can either be healthy for an individual or fatal.

Numerous ideas gives you stress. In fact, the majority of those ideas do not contribute to your welfare. They are just things that cluttered your mind that doesn't help you to finish on what you are doing.

Saying NO to some and only minding those that are necessary not only improves focus but also lessen the stress leaving the mind to work at ease.

"A sound mind is in a sound body."

4. Found Passion

It was not later last year that I have truly found what I want to do in life. Being empty with all my WANTS gave me such an opportunity in life. It made me realize that what I currently have does not give me the enjoyment that I am seeking.

Honestly, finding my passion was not that easy because I am blinded with false ambition and desires.

5. Gained fewer but real friends

As they say, "The more the merrier". But this is not what I though it would be.

During my journey from extravagant to simple living, it was hard to find friends who are not into spending money when doing activities. It made me realized that many of my friends are too attached to money when hanging out.

6. Relationships become more deep and meaningful

The quality of a relationship depends on the attention being given. Lessening yourself from distraction gives you more opportunity to learn more about the people around you.

"Trust actions not words"

Give importance to the people around you. Never isolate yourself.


Living a simple life is not easy for we are easily corrupted. There will always be a set back that you have resolve. Also, it is a slow process but with great outcome.

I admit that there are minor times that I violate my own rule but I make sure that it doesn't not goes beyond a certain point.

Currently, I am still in the process of simplifying my lifestyle but as to what I have done the return is more than I expected. I started to see opportunities that comes in which before I was not able to see maybe because I was too pre-occupied.

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