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Hi Guys, Welcome back! I’m supposed to be I should be writing about my recent project which is original on my schedule but I thought it would be wise to have this one first.

Recently, my friend sent me a message on facebook about this Peso Challenge. It has been like 4 years since it has started but I was not hooked into it until now. It was then called 52 Weeks Money Challenge and later on Yearly Peso Challenge.

I get a little envious every time I read or what testimonials on youtube about this. So in order to resolve it, I will take the challenge (head on). See the image above? Yeah, that is currently my status. :D

By the way, for those who would also like to take the challenge I prepared a printable template for you. You may download it below. I suggest that you start now since the year is just starting. Good luck and have fun!

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