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Hi there! This would be my third post for this month. Honestly, I am left behind with my schedule because of different projects especially the customised cake toppers.

My previous post was supposed to be pillows but because of the priority I reschedule this post. If you are willing to take the 2018 money challenge you may download the template in my previous post.

Moving forward, Last year I bought a fabric that was on sale that time. I think it would really be a great idea to make a pillow case out of it. Now the problem is, I am not that good in sewing. 😂 So, I requested my mother in law to make me a 16 x 16 inches. 😊

While she was sewing, I was doing some designs for the pillow. She ware really fast and just took her just 1 day to finish sewing 4 pillow case. 😲

Oh yeah! time for putting the design. I used vinyl as printing material for this project. It was supposed to be white but I think yellow gold would give more emphasis for my design.

Just need to put the stuffing and Viola! It looks perfect! 😊

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