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If you are looking for a spacious box with a letter size bond paper this project is ideal for you. Candy box wrapper perfectly fit for occasion like birthdays, kiddy party to valentines. Plus, it does not only looks cute but it is also easy to make So, let’s start preparing gathering the materials and get ready for crafting!

Materials Needed:

  1. Special Paper (GSM 220 or more)
  2. Ruler
  3. Paste
  4. Cutter
  5. Tracing Wheel
  6. Ribbon / Decorative string
  7. Candy Box Wrapper Template (download here)

Now that you have the materials ready, let’s start.

  1. Print the template in a special paper. Make sure you print it on the back of the special paper and in high quality mode for easy tracing.
  2. Trace and carefully cut the line using the cutter. Use the ruler for guide.
  3. Using the tracing wheel, slowly perforate the broken lines. This will serve as a bending guide for your box.
  4. Once you all cut the solid lines and perforate the broken lines, it’s time to bend and form it into a box.
  5. We may now glue the two ends to hold its shape though this is optional.
  6. Now, slightly bend the center of the diamond that you have cut lately and tie a ribbon or string on the center.
There you have it your own DIY candy box wrapper! You may now apply stickers and other decorations to fit the occasion. Hope you have fun with our simple DIY project. Until next time!

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