Monday, July 1, 2019


Ever imagined what it would be like if you'd created an invitation for your kids' party without the proper crafting tools? Too difficult, right? Also, it would be a disappointment if things didn't work out as you planned. Surely you don't want to be ashamed of your guests as they receive your invitation.

Every craftsman needs a proper tool for every project. Crafting tools help us make our project with ease, precise and neat. With this, we can make a simple project into a masterpiece that our guests would surely appreciate.

Here is the list of my top 10 crafting tools that would help you improve your paper crafting skills.

1. Cutting Tool

When working with paper, precision with cutting is a must. Specific cutting tools for a different project is essential. Knowing what cutting tools to use makes it easier for a project to be done. Furthermore, there are cutting tools like decorative scissors that can produce a different pattern. Other cutting tools like cutter, precision knife, and rotary cutter can be used to cut a straight path with ease.

2. Writing Materials

Writing materials, I usually break into two categories; Decorative which focuses on aesthetic while the Technical focuses on layout and sketching, particularly pencils and temporary markers. Some commonly used Decorative writing materials for crafting are crayons, coloured pens, and markers which greatly help in giving life to any project.

3. Measuring Tools

There are many types of measuring tools available in the market, depending on the project you are working with, you will need a certain type of measurement guide. Measuring tools come in different shapes and sizes but the most commonly used are Desk ruler, L-Square, Triangle and T-Square. Measuring tools also serve as a cutting guide in some cases.

4. Adhesives

Adhesives are basically used to bond objects together. When working with different kinds of paper you will need the right adhesive to keep it secure. Craft adhesives are not limited to glues but also tape similar to washi tapes.

5. Papers

The most commonly used medium in arts and crafts. Depending on the type of paper, you can make multiple projects like Papier-mâché, Origami, Quilling, Paper flower, Cards. Just be sure to invest in the right paper material when working with paper projects.

6. Cutting Mat

Working with paper and cutters will surely leave a scratch. Cutting mat are very useful when pinning, marking and cutting your project keeping your table scratch-free. In addition, it also helps your blades sharpness last longer than directly cutting on any surface.

7. Tweezers

Though tweezers are not the most commonly used tool in crafting it's always better to have one available. Tweezers are a great help when working with very detailed projects especially if it includes tiny objects. Also, tweezers are perfect tool to pick objects that are easily damaged by handling.

8. Punchers

Basically, regular punchers are used in creating paper holes. With craft punchers, you can instantly make an easy-cut pattern. It is the best tool to create multiple patterns like flowers, cute animals and basic shapes.

9. Twine and Ribbons

Twine and ribbons can be used in a wide variety of paper projects. It can be either used as a decorative piece or to tie objects together. Depending on your purpose, consider twine and ribbons when crafting especially with card making, scrapbooks and other simple projects like bookmarks, it will definitely accent.

10. Paper Clips

On personal preferences, paper clips are best used in grouping paper projects. Clipping paper together greatly helps in making things much easier and organized as you continue working with the project.

Now that you know what proper tools to be used, you can now take your project to the next level. Though there will be some changes with the list as you continue with your paper craft project, it is best to start with this list.

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