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Tuesday, April 28, 2020




Money is wealth. When we have money, we have the power to do the things that we want. We can buy new clothes, buy new phones. We can buy any material things that we want.

That is of course if we have money.

The more that we want, the greater the money that we need.

Back in my school days, my parents always told me to finish my studies and get a job so that I could have my own money to buy the things that I want.

During those days, it was like me wanting to have a time machine, go to the future, get a job, earn money, and do what my parents told me.

I still remember when I was in 4th grade when my friends introduced me to a new racing game called Tamiya race cars. I was so hooked with the game that I even begged for my parents to give me money to buy the toy but instead, they give me lectures.

Our financials back then was not that good. I never even imagined how my parents reached this far to raise us.


As my parents used to say, "You can buy anything you want when you have your own money."

Imagine yourself, wanting so many things when you where young but your parents would not want you to. A bit harsh, don't you think?

Lucky for the kids nowadays, that they just have to cry and their parents would buy them what they want or just wait for their birthday and they could have a brand new phone. Such a wonderful life kids have nowadays. Damn! I'm seriously envy .

Way back then, it felt like passing through a needle hole just to have what you want.

But now is different. I am in control of my life, I have my financial freedom and I can buy all the things I want now.

Oh yeah! I'll buy all the toys that I want. All the video games that I've never played before, buy all the candies that I want! Nobody could stop me!

Funny but my life is no longer as I was a kid.

Have I not enjoy a meaningful life in the past? Still now, I am thinking of it.

Reflecting on how my life was back in the past. I was thinking, maybe my parents aim to teach me the value of money? And the reason why they don't want me to have all the things I want is that they don't want me to develop a habit of being a compulsive buyer.

Compared to many of whom I've met, my life is so different from them especially when it comes to financial handling.

I admit I am still living with my parents even after I am married but it is not the reason why I've never been in debt. The reason is, I know the value of hard-earned money and I know how to spend it wisely.

     Hey! Please read a little bit background of my life on my previous post to know me better.

Listening and looking at my parents, I am still puzzled if they intended to program me to be like this when it comes to handling money by means of not giving me everything that I want.

Yes, it is a bit harsh that I did have the things that I want when I was a kid but I sure don't want the experience of not controlling my expense habit like the rest.


My father is twice my age and as they say, "experience is the best teacher."

So what do you expect, more meaningful stories of his life!

Unlike many young ones, I love listening to elderly stories especially when it comes to history, personal development, and wealth.

My father usually talks about wealthy people who've he met during his younger years who are now broke. I know it's a bit negative conversation to have but it is a piece of good indirect advice coming from people with experience.

Most of his stories are sons and daughters of a successful businessman, some are the owner of a bus company, famous fast-food chain, millionaire retiree, and even politicians.

He usually starts his stories on how their life was so good back then. Having a good meal to eat, have fancy clothes to wear and can attend to e extravagant events. Not until these people become miserable because they value their money. Some have been exposed to gambling, some have used to pay many loans and some have over the expense of what they have. All leading to debt.

At the end of his story. He will always remind me that, "It is an honor to be born poor or rich and die as a wealthy man than to be born poor or rich and die as a poor man." (inter-twined with pride of living a life of dignity)

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