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Welcome to Chambie's blog! I'm Andrew Chamberlain A. Zuniga VII and you can call me Chambie. When I was young, I used to have a great passion with crafting especially when it comes to designing and DIY's. But as I enter college, I have to set aside my interest and focus on my studies.

It was hard for me doing my craft and my academics at the same time. I have to set aside my interest in crafting and need to focus first in my academics. My mindset during that time was if I finish my studies, it would give me job opportunities. But I realize that I am not contented being an employee. It's not the life that I want live.

Before 2018, I finally made up my mind. I want to pursue my passion in crafting to make a living. Though I am still currently working for a company, I tend to ease a bit and ensure the quality of my task.

Here I am now, happier than ever. Exhibiting my designs and crafts on this blog makes me proud.

If you want to connect with me, just visit the contact page. It's always good to have new friends.


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